FUN CRYPTO PUZZLE 

   This fun crypto puzzle will test your detective and 
   hacker skills. The objective is simple. Three words 
   have been hidden at this URL. 

                 You. Must. Find. Them.

   Once you've found them you can put your name on the 
   scoreboard :)

                       * TIPS *

   The technique used to encode the words is extremely
   simple and can be easily understood by a nontech-
   nical person. Knowledge of computer science can help
   but is not required to solve this puzzle.
   The technique is generic, any text message can be 
   While scripting helps, it is entirely solvable with 
   only your browser, pen and paper. 

   The three words have been concatenated, there is no
   space between them. 

   The words change every hour.

                       Have Fun !